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Hello, my name is Marius and I have various interests that I like to pursue.

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I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master of Science in Research Methodology.  As a student I was always fascinated by interdisciplinary research – so I read a lot of the available literature from sciences other than psychology, for example, biological, physiological, political, economic, climate and electrical engineering related peer-reviewed literature.

Instead of working as a psychologist, I decided to work with financial data after I graduated, because I have an affinity for pattern recognition and data analysis. My formal training as a psychologist was useful, especially because I chose courses that were focussed on programming and different types of data analysis such as regressions, markov chains, structural equation modeling and catastrophe theory. 

I started to work as a management consultant and learned even more ways to process data, including machine learning and natural language processing and got to fit data with models from other scientific disciplines such as economic stock to flow models or epidimiological hazard ratio models. 

I appreciate the difference in modelling approaches in different scientific disciplines. For example, while natural sciences often concern themselves with identifying one particular “truth”, economists concern themselves with identifying different likely scenarios or unkowns which requires a different approach to data modelling and thinking about data. 

I successfully invested in several crypto currency start-ups, find some examples below:

Quantfury.com           Syntropy.net           Kinesis.money

I also advised the Dutch government on how to manage the COVID-19 pandemic working as a management consultant for the RIVM. As an unvaccinated person myself, I am currently engaged in volunteer work to help organize a debate about COVID-19 vaccine safety for the public.