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Military Occupation In Germany - Still A reality?
There are some interesting “conspiracy theories” circulating on the internet. One of them is that Germany is still occupied by the Allied Forces and that there never was...
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Sarah Westall PodCast
I recently had the priviledge to participate in Sarah Westall’s Business Game Changer’s Podcast. In the episode we cover a range of interesting topcis that relate to Nazism,...
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Upcoming Series of Blog Posts about Current Geopolitics of Europe
Dear readers, In the coming weeks I will start to post more regularly about different developments that are occuring in the German and European political landscape at this time....
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Strange investigations into the Reichsburger movement in Germany from the parliament
For some time, the German government has been dealing with the phenomenon of the “Reichsbürger” [meaning: “Reich Citizens”] movement – a movement that...
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